EastEnders: Vincent strangles Claudette in shock cliffhanger

Surprise scenes saw Claudette admit to killing Henry Hubbard - before son Vincent took deadly revenge


EastEnders bosses promised that all hell would break loose on Mother’s Day and they weren’t lying. Tuesday’s shock cliffhanger saw a devastated Vincent attempting to throttle his mum Claudette after long-buried secrets from the Hubbards’ past came to light.


Tense scenes saw Claudette admit that she had killed Vincent’s dad Henry by pushing him off a balcony over Christmas 1981 before burying his body on the Spring Lane estate. To make the situation even worse than it already was, sinister Claudette also revealed that she was responsible for the car-crusher carnage that did for Fatboy over 2015’s festive season.

Vincent – who lest we forget also tried to choke the life out of Phil Mitchell a few months ago – then lost control and put his hands around his mum’s throat. Wild-eyed with anger, he was last seen attempted to kill Claudette, just as Patrick Trueman entered the scene and tried to put a stop to the strangling.

But if Claudette meets her maker, then one big Hubbard question will remain unanswered – could Vincent and Phil actually turn out to be half-brothers? It certainly seems that Claudette used to get overly friendly with a lot of prominent men, including Phil’s dad Eric.

So will a warring Vincent and Phil actually turn out to be related? You wouldn’t put it past EastEnders to come up with further revelations when it returns this Thursday at 7.30pm…

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of EastEnders below.


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