EastEnders star Richard Blackwood on big Mother’s Day twist – Vincent and the Hubabrds won’t ever be the same again

"What Vincent finds out sends him on a big 180. It makes him truly question if anything in his life was ever true"


EastEnders actor Richard Blackwood has promised that his on-screen family will be forever changed by dramatic events on Mother’s Day.


Fans of the BBC1 soap may have already seen a trailer that hints at dark doings for the Hubbard and Fox clans – and now Blackwood has assured viewers that they won’t be left disappointed.

“People are going to be on their phones saying to their friends, ‘are you seeing what’s happening?’ It’s not one to miss. The Hubbards can’t ever be the same again,” says the Walford star.

Events look set to come to a head after Vincent’s mum Claudette takes drastic action to rid herself of sinister Gavin Sullivan’s blackmail demands. After hitting him over the head with a candelabra, Claudette will then embroil her unsuspecting son in the aftermath.

How all this ties in with the Hubbards’ family history remains to be seen, but question marks have been hanging ever since it was revealed that Vincent’s dad Henry disappeared over Christmas 1981.

Vincent was disabused of the notion that Phil Mitchell’s dad Eric was somehow to blame, but is there perhaps more to Claudette’s version of events than previously thought?

Speaking about the revelations to come, Blackwood says: “Vincent is surprised. Even though you, as a viewer, can look at Claudette and see there’s more to her than meets the eye, when it comes to Vincent, he only sees the good.  

“He does everything that his mum tells him to do because he believes, at the end of the day, it is right. He never doubts his mum, even if others do. He stands by her. But what he finds out sends him on a big 180. It makes him truly question if anything in his life was ever true.”

And will everyone make it through the day alive? “Well, if it’s between one and ten in terms of dangerous, then this would be 11. When I read the scripts, my jaw was open. As it always is when EastEnders throws these twists at me.

“And when Ellen Thomas [Claudette] and I were filming, we were actually acting out how the audience is going to react. Because what we do is full on. When Vincent walks in on Claudette, it’s clear that he’s been here before with her. You can tell they have been to this level of darkness before.”

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