Kellie Bright and Danny Dyer on EastEnders, wedding bells and Christmas

"But, for me, it’s not really about the gifts, "says Dyer. "It’s about getting the family together and having that licence to get merry and talk rubbish. Mind you, there’s nothing better than doing Lego while drunk!"

EastEnders’ Kellie Bright and Danny Dyer toast their big day…


I wouldn’t have changed a thing about my wedding day. It was perfect for me. But my taste is very different from my character Linda’s. I got married in a tepee in a field, I had a very bohemian dress and relaxed hair, and I did my own make-up. It was beautiful and I still felt like a bride.

That’s completely different from what Linda’s gone for, but it’s perfect for her and Mick. I loved filming it. She would have always wanted to be a princess, what with her being so obsessed with Princess Diana. So I’m really glad they’ve allowed her to have that moment and be that bride.


I’m a mad fan of Christmas, but it’s creeping up on me this year! Doing both Strictly and EastEnders, I’ve had no time for anything else. My husband [actor Paul Stocker] is doing everything. I couldn’t have done all this without him. EastEnders filming finishes on the 18th and Strictly on the 19th (if I make it that far!), so I’m going to make sure that the five days before Christmas are the most festive ever. My son Freddie, who’s four, and I are going to see Jake Wood [Walford’s Max Branning] in panto in St Albans and The Polar Express at the cinema and we’ll try to squeeze in a Winter Wonderland experience!

I’d like to carry on dancing after Strictly’s over, so I might ask Santa for dance lessons.



I’ve been with my partner Jo [Mas] for more than 20 years, since we were both 14. We’ve got three children [Dani, 19, Sunnie, eight, and Arty, two] and we’re totally committed. So getting married is just about celebrating our love and cementing it with a bit of paper. We probably should’ve done it years ago, to be honest – she’s my girl and we want to get all legal. September’s the vibe at the moment, but it could be sooner. I don’t want it to be even five per cent as eventful as Mick and Linda’s. It gives me the horrors just thinking about it!


I love Christmas. I’m very excitable, so I’m always the first one up. And now that I’ve got a son, I can play with boys’ toys. Arty’s getting Lego, but it’s really for me. I’ll get him some old Duplo and I’ll get something complicated like Tower Bridge – even though he’s bound to just smash it up.

But, for me, it’s not really about the gifts. It’s about getting the family together and having that licence to get merry and talk rubbish. Mind you, there’s nothing better than doing Lego while drunk!

I’ve never dressed up as Father Christmas for my kids – but after doing it on EastEnders, maybe I will. 

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