EastEnders: has Bobby Beale killed Jane?

A row in this evening's episode has horrifying consequences

The BBC has released dramatic pictures from tonight’s EastEnders that show murderous Bobby pushing Jane down a flight of stairs.


Bobby – who, of course, did away with his sister Lucy – looks set to strike again during a furious showdown at the Beale house.

And viewers will be left wondering whether Jane is now going to be Bobby’s next victim after she’s seen lying unconscious at the bottom of the steps.

The argument comes after Jane is seen insisting that Bobby and Kathy switch bedrooms in order to give her and Ian some more privacy. But the plan backfires – with horrifying consequences.

Says actress Laurie Brett of the key scenes: “Kathy’s made it quite clear that she’s heard Jane and Ian having a moment of privacy, so Jane’s quite embarrassed. Jane decides that maybe Kathy and Bobby should swap rooms, so they can have more privacy. Bobby’s not too happy but goes along with it.

“But the next evening, she sees Bobby coming down the stairs with all of his stuff to swap the rooms back. They get into a bit of a struggle with the box of things and he just snaps. It’s just unfortunate Jane was at the top of the stairs at this point…”

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of EastEnders below.


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