EastEnders: Shabnam, Dean and Shirley go to war over Jade – but who gets custody?

The future for Shabnam's daughter will be decided next week

The battle for Jade’s future is to reach its climax next week with Shabnam in the opposing corner to Shirley and Dean.


Scenes to be shown on Monday 30 November will see Shabnam overheard by Stacey telling Jade that she should inform the judge should she feel unsafe with Dean, Buster and Shirley.

When Stacey later practices Linda’s hair for the wedding, she reveals what’s been going on, including the fact that Shabnam recently took Jade to the park without permission.

Mick catches what Stacey says and then accidentally lets slip the information to Shirley, who makes plans to tell the judge.

By Tuesday, an optimistic Shabnam is getting ready to leave for court with Kush, but is stopped in her tracks when Stacey arrives and reveals that Shirley knows what has happened.

With her world falling apart, Shabnam breaks down and gots to confront Shirley. Despite an emotional plea from both Shabnam and Stacey, Buster forces them to leave.

As Kush and a broken Shabnam get ready to go, the pair have an honest conversation and come to a decision. Just what do they intend to do about Jade?

Watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of EastEnders below.


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