EastEnders: Ronnie smashes up the Albert after being threatened by Dean

Walford's ice queen lets rip in tonight's episode of the BBC1 soap

Ice queen Ronnie Mitchell is to crack tonight on EastEnders when she smashes up the Albert bar following a showdown with dangerous Dean Wicks.


Ronnie (Samantha Womack) is determined to stymie Roxy and Dean’s relationship, but her plan to expose the Walford rapist backfires during this evening’s episode of the BBC1 soap.

When Ronnie calls Dean (Matt Di Angelo) out about his compulsion to control women, he reclaims the advantage by reminding his adversary about her troubled history.

After dreading up past traumas such as Ronnie’s baby-swap crime and the abuse she suffered at the hands of dad Archie Mitchell, Dean then brands Ronnie “a complete psychopath” and forces her to look at what she’s become.

In the wake of the confrontation, Ronnie then lays waste to the bar, sending glasses flying. Has her plan to oust Dean from the Square now failed totally?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of EastEnders below.


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