Barbara Windsor tells those who don’t wear poppies to “sod off”

The former EastEnders actress appeared ton Sky News to promote this year's Poppy Appeal

Barbara Windsor was on promotional duties this morning as she helped to launch this year’s Poppy Appeal. But the former EastEnders matriarch was in an unforgiving mood when she appeared on Sky News, telling an interviewer that those who don’t wear poppies can “sod off”. 


The actress, 78, was appearing in support of this year’s campaign, run by the Royal British Legion, and said: “I don’t care as long as I have a poppy in my lapel. We need to get young people selling poppies.” 

But when asked what she thought of those who chose not to sport one, she retorted: “they can sod off for all I care”.


The Carry On star is part of a bid to raise more than a million pounds by selling poppies today [Thursday], a total she “knows” the team will hit by the end of the day.