EastEnders: Shabnam discovers Stacey’s baby secret

Rakhee Thakrar reveals how Shabs would react should Kush turn out to be the child's father

Shabnam Masood is to reach the shock conclusion that Martin may not be the father of Stacey’s baby. But will she realise that Kush is a likely candidate when it comes to identity of the dad-to-be?


Next week’s episodes of EastEnders will see a suspicious Shabnam witnessing Stacey hiding her baby scan photo. But when Stacey clocks this, she orders Shabnam to get out of the house.

Events will then come to a head on the eve of Sabnam’s wedding to Kush when an emotional Stacey flees the Mehndi celebration.

After confronting her friend, Shabs works out that a question mark is hanging over the paternity of Stacey’s unborn child. But how would she react should the baby turn out to be Kush’s? After all, Stacey and Kush were secretly seeing each other not so long ago…

“If that turns out to be the case, then it would be very difficult,” says actress Rakhee Thakrar, who plays Shabnam. “But it would be interesting to see how she reacts. I have a feeling it won’t be in the way you’d expect. Since her baby, Zaair, died, Shabnam’s world has changed in terms of what’s important. I don’t think you can get much worse than your baby dying. If that hadn’t happened, then Kush being the dad would feel like the worst thing in her life. Now, her hierarchy of pain is different.”

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of EastEnders below.


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