Will Peggy and Grant return to EastEnders? “It could happen,” says Barbara Windsor

The actress hints that the Mitchells might well be back together again on screen

Is Phil Mitchell about to be reunited with screen mum Peggy and brother Grant?


Speaking following recent rumours that Ross Kemp could be returning EastEnders, actress Barbara Windsor has now said: “I did hear the rumour about Ross going back, but who knows? It would obviously be a great storyline to have Peggy reunited with her boys. Never say never. It could happen.”

Windsor’s comments come following executive producer Dominic Treadwell-Collins’s declaration at the Radio Times festival that he would like to see Grant make a comeback to Walford. 

“The fact that you’ve got Phil, Kathy, Sharon – there’s a person missing, isn’t there?” said the soap boss. “Actually, to get all four on screen at the same time is a dream. As an EastEnders fan, you want to watch that. I want to watch that.”

Treadwell-Collins’s words were quickly followed by a hint from current Albert Square regular Annette Badland that her character Babe would be sure to make a beeline for Grant:

“Perhaps Babe is out there looking for him now. You never know. But who am I to say? I never tell lies!” Badland told Good Morning Britain.

Barbara Windsor – who was last seen as Peggy during EastEnders’s 30th anniversary in February – also told The Daily Star that she was a big fan of Kathy Beale’s recent resurrection: 

“I’m loving Gillian [Taylforth] being back. Gillian is the best. She doesn’t look any different from when she left. I think it’s great for her and great for the show. She is a true EastEnders star.”

You can watch a 60-second rundown of the coming week’s episodes of EastEnders below.


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