EastEnders: Kathy races to stop Ian from committing suicide in tense scenes to be shown next week

Mother and son finally come face to face just as Ian prepares to throw himself from a bridge

It’s the reunion you’ve all been waiting for – yes, Ian Beale is to come face to face with his mum Kathy in next week’s episodes of EastEnders.


But not before a depressed Ian first tries to throw himself from a bridge when the pressures of life grow too much.

Ian will be seen returning to Walford next week, only to find the ramifications of Max’s trial still reverberating around the Square.

With journalists hounding Jane about her supposed relationship with Max and Sharon giving Ian a stern talking-to about his recent disappearing act, it isn’t long before Ian is making a rash decision.

After finding a letter that Ian has written to her, Jane realises that her husband intends to kill himself and hares off in pursuit, only to find him standing high up on a bridge. 

Jane will be seen doing her best to talk Ian down and – after an emotional plea – Ian takes his wife’s hand and embraces her. However, as at the pair hug, Ian sees a ghost from the past – Kathy!

But how will Ian cope with the truth that his mum is actually still alive? And with Ian demanding answers, will he be able to forgive Kathy when she explains the truth behind her miraculous resurrection?

Speaking recently about whether Kathy can make it up to both Ian and Ben, actress Gillian Taylforth said: “Hopefully she’ll get the boys back, but she has to explain so much to them.

“Bit by bit they find out why she’s become the person she is and they start to understand that their mum’s been brainwashed. I’m hoping they’ll forgive me.”

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of EastEnders below.


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