EastEnders’ Danny Dyer: Dean Wicks will “get it” – and it involves a wetsuit

The dramatic conclusion to the Wicks/Carter story is coming and Dyer’s going to have to go into water for part of it

EastEnders star Danny Dyer has promised that Matt Di Angelo’s character Dean Wicks is going to get what’s coming to him… and it involves his character Mick and a wetsuit.


Yes, there are some conclusions coming to the hard-hitting storyline, which saw Wicks’ character rape Mick’s wife Linda (Kellie Bright), a crime for which he remains unpunished.  

“There’s a lot of big resolutions coming in the New Year,” executive producer Dominic Treadwell-Collins revealed at today’s Radio Times Festival. “Danny’s been fitted for a wetsuit and he’s going into water…”

It seems the end being in sight is good news for Dyer, who confessed he gets angry over the storyline.

“It winds me up, I get the hump over it,” with Treadwell-Collins joking: “We are going to wrap it up. It needs to. I can’t take your temper for that long.”

“The geezer’s going to get it. Don’t worry. He’s going to get it,” Dyer added, admitting, “I can’t help it,” as he became angry and animated.

In fact, Dyer confessed his wife playfully teases him when he explains difficult days filming darker content. Dyer said she tells him to cool it. “She’ll say, ‘Oh did you have to pull some pints today?’” But Dyer says dramatic storylines are emotionally draining, with many scenes filmed in twelve-hour days.


“I’ve had to draw on all of my acting skills to do it well.”

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