EastEnders: Jane Beale to make shock outburst at Max’s murder trial

But will her words be enough to free an innocent Max?

Is Jane Beale about to crack on the witness stand? Well, you wouldn’t put it past her, would you? Someone only has to look at her the wrong way and she blurts out the truth about Bobby killing Lucy!


But the big question now is whether she’s is going to end up admitting the truth in front a courtroom full of jurors. Will lawyer Marcus Christie be able to extract a Perry Mason-style confession from jittery Jane?

In scenes to be broadcast on Thursday 24 September, there will be a fresh twist at Max’s trial when when Jane comes up a plan to help make sure that he’s found innocent.

Lauren will realise what’s going on and races to intervene, but it’s too late – Jane is already making a shocking revelation on the stand in front of a stunned court. But what exactly has she said? And will it be enough to help Max?

Watch a 60-second rundown of the coming week’s episodes of EastEnders below.

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