Kathy and Sharon to have a classic EastEnders cat fight – “I loved it,” says Gillian Taylforth

"I've always wanted to do something like that," adds the actress

Albert Square doyennes Kathy and Sharon will come to blows after meeting for the first time in over a decade.


As viewers know, Phil has been doing his best to keep news of Kathy’s resurrection from his nearest and dearest. But a suspicious Sharon will discover the truth when she tracks Kathy down to the Arches.

Shock scenes will see Sharon label Kathy a psychopath for faking her own death and leaving her sons in the lurch. And pretty soon, anger is turning into violence as Kathy starts to tear lumps out of Sharon and pin her to the bonnet of a car.

“I’ve always wanted to do something like that. I loved it,” says Gillian Taylforth of her EastEnders cat fight. “Letitia Dean told me to really go for it, which was great. Sharon has been saying to a very downtrodden Kathy that she should have stayed dead and that her boys don’t need her. So it was fantastic to see Kathy telling Sharon exactly what she thinks for a change. Tish and I had quite a laugh doing it.”

Taylforth has now returned to EastEnders full time, with Kathy’s off-screen death in a car crash having been revealed to be an insurance scam. But show boss Dominic Treadwell-Collins promises that Kathy’s comeback won’t go smoothly.

“It’s not going to be very easy for Kathy to come back, which is something we were very clear about from the beginning. She is officially dead,” says the executive producer. “The big reaction will be from Ian and Ben. That’s big, heavy stuff. Then we have Jane – we’ve always said in the story office that Ian married a woman who’s like his mother. And Jane and Kathy aren’t going to get on. It’s all quite sparky.”

As for what kind of character Kathy has become in her years away? “She’s not quite the Kathy we used to know. Kathy was an amazing mother to Ian, but she has done the worst thing that a mother can do. However, she has been in a relationship with his very twisted, abusive individual. And we had to make Kathy’s return difficult, interesting and emotional.

“It would have been boring otherwise. So you can expect a lot of twists and turns between now and a very big Halloween.”

Watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of EastEnders below.

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