EastEnders: Phil confronts Jane and tells her, “I know who killed Lucy”

Has Jane's big secret now been discovered by the Walford hard man?

Jane Beale will have even more reason to look scared and anguished next week when Phil Mitchell tells her that he knows exactly what happened to Lucy.


In the run-up to the showdown, Jane will be seen planning to hand herself in to the police after the pressure of seeing the innocent Max go to prison becomes too much.

Scenes to be broadcast on Tuesday 8 September will see Jane deciding that her only option is to go down for Lucy’s murder.

But little does she realise that her suspicious behaviour has attracted the attention of Phil, who is quick to stop Jane in her tracks just as she’s about to answer the door to DI Keeble.

As Phil reveals that he’s now aware of the circumstances surrounding Lucy’s death, is Jane’s big secret about to come out? And how has Phil worked it all out?

Watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of EastEnders below.

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