EastEnders: Shabnam and Kush to split up following the death of their baby?

Shabs reveals that she's moving back to Pakistan as she struggles with her grief

Shabnam Masood and Kush Kazemi look to be headed for a split after the tragic death of their baby.


Traumatic scenes to be broadcast next week will see a devastated Shabnam giving birth to their dead son in the hospital delivery suite, but Kush will later struggle with saying goodbye to the baby.

Once back on Albert Square, Shabnam grows increasingly frustrated with Carmel when she brings up the topic of the wedding. And the pressure will eventually result in Shabnam telling Kush that she is moving back to Pakistan that night following the funeral.

Kush pleads with Shabnam to stay, but with emotions running high, the pair come to blows and Kush ends up telling her that she should move overseas and stay there.

And they’re not the only two rowing – Masood is also at loggerheads with Carmel after she suggests that Kush move back to Essex with her.

With so much animosity in the air, can Carmel and Masood put their differences aside to help bring Kush and Shabnam back together? Or are the grieving pair set to be permanently parted?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of EastEnders below.


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