EastEnders films Kathy arrest scenes – Gillian Taylforth’s character is seen being taken away in handcuffs

DCI Marsden looks to have busted Kathy for faking her own death

The forces of law and order have caught up with Kathy! EastEnders has been filming today on location in rainy conditions and it looks as though Kathy’s faking of her own death has been exposed.


Pictured on location with actress Gillian Taylforth is Sophie Stanton, who plays grudge-bearing DCI Jill Marsden, the copper with the long-standing vendetta against the Mitchell family. So she’ll be sure to be pleased now that one of Phil’s ex-wives is being taken away in handcuffs.

The production team on the BBC1 soap was filming in London’s Notting Hill, where it seems Kathy has been hiding out  with husband Gavin Sullivan (Paul Nicholas) since they supposedly met their maker in 2006.

But eagle-eyed fans will no doubt be wondering whether this is the same location to which Sharon went after learning that her birth father is also called Gavin. So could Kathy’s husband also be Sharon’s biological dad? Offer up your theories below!

EastEnders continues tonight at 8pm on BBC1.


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