EastEnders: Sharon to discover the truth about Kathy?

A showdown with Phil sees Sharon turn detective

Is a suspicious Sharon Mitchell about to discover that Kathy Beale is still alive?


Tense scenes to be broadcast next week will see Sharon confront husband Phil after finding a contact on his mobile phone listed only as ‘K’.

The showdown will come in the same week as Kathy reappears at the Arches begging Phil for help. But will the fact that Kathy isn’t really dead finally become common knowledge after Sharon grows increasingly suspicious that Phil is seeing another woman?

As Sharon brandishes the incriminating phone, Phil grabs his mobile back and lies about the identity of ‘K’. But the argument is enough to convince Sharon that she’s being cheated on and she confides her fears to best pal Ian.

After Phil hares off to St Pancras in order to meet with Kathy, viewers will see Sharon and Ian tear off in hot pursuit. But will their attempt to find out what Phil is up to lead them to discover that Kathy is really alive?

Watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of EastEnders below.


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