EastEnders: Roxy and Ronnie come to blows over Dean

Ronnie warns Mr Wicks to stay away from her sister, much to the Walford bad boy's dismay

Lord help the mister who comes between Ronnie Mitchell and her sister – even if it is incredibly difficult to feel any sort of sympathy for Dean Wicks these days.


He finds himself in the middle of a Mitchell sibling milieu as Roxy and Ronnie engage in yet another game of cat and mouse.

Ronnie’s none too pleased to have found the pair locking lips on Albert Square, so she’s even less happy to discover that her sister has ignored her instructions to ditch Dean and is continuing to see him instead.

She rumbles their secret romance again when she spots Roxy wearing a top Dean had been eyeing up on the market and ends up having a bit of an argy bargy with her.

Ronnie eventually seems to concede defeat by inviting him round for dinner but, just as Dean thinks he’s finally getting the elder Mitchell sister’s blessing, she decides to give him a warning: Don’t hurt my sister, or else.

Dean’s furious but when he explains what’s happened to Roxy she doesn’t believe him. Desperate to convince her that her sister’s up to no good, he ends up telling her about Ronnie’s CCTV camera.

Will blood prove thicker than water? Or will the Lord have to help the sister who comes between Roxy and her man?

Everybody knows a good Mitchell puts “faaaaaamily” first, after all…

You can watch a 60-second rundown of this week’s episodes of EastEnders below.


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