EastEnders: Can Cindy keep Bobby’s secret when the Beale bad boy strikes again?

The youngster seeks revenge when he hears Max has been charged with Lucy's murder

It was Bobby, in the living room, with the music box. Then it was Bobby, in the living room with the golf club. And now it’s Bobby, on the square, with a great big brick.


Walford’s murderous minor still doesn’t realise he killed his big sister – or so Jane claims, for the conspiracy theorists among us – so when he hears Max Branning has been charged with her murder he heads on a bit of a revenge rampage.

Furious with the man he believes claimed Lucy’s life, Bobby picks up a brick and sets his sights on Max’s motor, with every intention of smashing its windows in.

Screaming “DIE DIE DIE” at computer screens after clobbering your sister over the head is one thing, but hurling bricks at cars might just be a hint that you’ve got some anger issues young man.

And perhaps that’s just what Cindy’s thinking when she catches the young ragamuffin in the act. The horrified teenager puts a stop to his antics, giving him a figurative clip round the ear with Liam Butcher in tow.

With emotions high and tempers fraying, Cindy’s patience is put to the ultimate test. Will she crumble and reveal what really happened that fateful Good Friday?

Find out when EastEnders airs these scenes on Monday August 10th.

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