EastEnders: Max and Phil’s fight – the aftermath revealed

Will the truth be revealed about what Max was up to on the night of Lucy's murder?

Viewers of last night’s EastEnders saw a new suspect put in the frame for Lucy’s killing when a luckless Max Branning came under scrutiny.


Max – who is already on his uppers after losing both his girlfriend in a car accident and his business to blatant stupidity – now finds himself in the spotlight for a crime he didn’t even commit.

With Abi about to give a statement to the police and Phil menacing a beleaguered Max in front of his friends and neighbours, it certainly isn’t looking good.

Tonight’s episode will see Phil yell, “You’re scum, Branning. Scum!” and then warn Max of Abi’s intentions:

“You thought you’d pin it on Ben, did you? She’s going down the nick to tell them about you. To tell them that you killed Lucy!”

In the face of such mounting pressure, will Max finally reveal his whereabouts on the fateful night in question? He may not have killed Lucy, but what exactly was he up to? And will Abi’s testimony be damning in the eyes of the investigating officers?


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