What does Stacey’s key open on EastEnders?

Is Sean Kat's son? Is Stacey Buster's daughter? Is the secret recipe for Sausage Surprise about to be revealed?

Have you unlocked the mystery of Stacey’s key? Just what in heaven’s name does it open?


The subterfuge surrounding this one small item is growing on this week’s EastEnders with a showdown between Stacey and her mum Jean having already resulted in the latter storming out of Walford on the eve of her wedding.

So what are the big theories surrounding the key? Well, chief among them is the possibility that the key opens a lock box containing documentation that proves Sean to be Kat’s secret son. We know that Kat gave birth to a little boy at the same time as had Zoe, so maybe Stacey’s brother is really Kat’s offspring.

But does that really add up? The key originally belonged to Stacey’s dad Brian, who passed it on to Sean, who then entrusted it to Stacey. So would Sean really be privy to a secret about his own parentage without having blabbed to Stacey?

Maybe though the key leads to information about Stacey’s parentage. Perhaps Brian isn’t her dad but maybe he and Jean decided to keep things hushed up for the sake of the family. Could Stacey be Buster’s daughter? After all, he’s turned out to be the dad of just about everyone else. Dean, Mick…although this would mean that Stacey slept with her half brother, which would be horrible. And it would ruin the friendship between Jean and Shirley.

Other theories swimming around (in my head) include the possibility of Brian being involved in a crime that the rest of the Slaters have covered up. Something to do with this Gavin fella played by Paul Nicholas, who’s a new Walford villain set to make his debut this autumn? How about Brian having killed someone on Gavin’s orders? There would be a neat if macabre symmetry to both dad Brian and daughter Stacey being murderers…

Of course, there could just be a more mundane outcome: a stack of cash, details of a long-lost Slater relative, the 11 secret herbs and spices that make up Jean’s recipe for Sausage Surprise. Who knows?

Well, perhaps YOU know. If you have a theory, please add to the comments below and let’s help solve this conundrum together…

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