EastEnders: who gets arrested for the murder of Lucy Beale?

The police will be seen swooping down onto Albert Square next week - but who do they have in their sights?

Ian and Beale to be thrown into a panic next week when a journalist arrives in Albert Square to tell them about a new witness in the Lucy Beale murder case. But who do the police have in their sights?


Shock scenes to be broadcast on Thursday 16 July will then see the residents wake to the front-page news that a fresh suspect has emerged and that this could mark “a monumental step forward” in the investigation.

Ian struggles to take in the news and is obviously fearful that son Bobby is about to be busted. But after talking with Jane about their next course of action, the police arrive in Albert Square determined to make an arrest.

So is the truth about to emerge? Or will a wholly innocent member of the community be arrested for Bobby’s crime?

At the moment, only the Beales and viewers know that Bobby is responsible for killing Lucy. And executive producer Dominic Treadwell-Collins has already revealed that there will be further twists and turns to come.

“Someone else – an innocent person – will be arrested for this murder. Then carrying this guilty secret comes back to haunt Ian and Jane,” said the show boss.

So who is going to be feeling the long arm of the law? Maybe Max Branning – one-time prime suspect who had an affair with Lucy prior to her death? His daughter Abi, utterer of the famous “things die” line and who scrapped with Lucy on the night she met her end?

Or maybe the cops will finally get to nail one of the Mitchells – early suspect Billy? Or how about the volatile Ben? 

How about a relative newcomer to the Square like Vincent Hubbard, who we’ve already seen sweating under interrogation on an unrelated matter? Or will the police get close to home for Ian by carting off wife Jane?

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