EastEnders star Letitia Dean – I think Ian killed Lucy Beale

The actress also discusses Sharon's marriage to Phil and her anxieties about the upcoming live episodes

EastEnders actress Letitia Dean has pinned Lucy Beale’s murder on her oldest work colleague. Yes, Walford star Dean – who plays Sharon Mitchell in the BBC1 soap – believes that Ian (played by show stalwart Adam Woodyatt) is responsible for his own daughter’s death.


“I’ve got a few ideas flying around. For dramatic purposes and shock value, I think Ian,” says the actress. “I thought Jane at one point, but not now. Abi’s another little red herring, I think. To be honest, we’re not privy to what’s going on with all the flashbacks, so I don’t know who’s in and out. It could be anyone – it could be little Denny!”

Dean, who was part of the original line-up of actors at the launch of EastEnders 1985, has seen her character involved in many relationships over the years: Grant Mitchell, Dennis Rickman and Jack Branning to name a few. But one thing the actress is sure of is that Sharon definitely belongs with current husband Phil.

“I think Sharon’s in the right relationship with Phil. I feel very solid within that character relationship and I think we look right together. Sharon and Phil are so 1980s, aren’t they? They’ve still got that 80s vibe. I reckon Sharon could turn the Albert into a gay bar, which I really would love to happen. If we’re lucky enough to still be here in the next 20 years, we might also own a little mobility shop. The possibilities are endless…”

Next week’s episodes of EastEnders will see the BBC1 soap go live to celebrate its 30th anniversary – and to reveal the killer of Lucy Beale. But telly without a safety net must be a daunting prospect, even for an Albert Square veteran like Letitia Dean?

“It’s a gamut of emotions really – excited, little bit anxious…I don’t quite know exactly what I’m doing yet! But I think it’s going all right at the moment. It’s a combination of excitement and a little bit of nerves. I want to know who killed Lucy Beale because it is doing my head in! Everyone keeps asking me. I have no idea!”

You can read executive producer Dominic Treadwell-Collins’s thoughts about the live episodes here. And see what Letitia Dean’s co-star Adam Woodyatt makes of Ian’s upcoming nuptials here.


Watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s 30th anniversary episodes of EastEnders below: