EastEnders spoilers: next week’s episodes in 60 seconds

2-6 February: Kush and Shabnam admit their feelings, while Mick takes the law into his own hands

It’s the week of the Walford half marathon and Shabnam is still hiding her running talent from Kush. But the kind-hearted market-stall holder ends up putting friendship first when he helps a flagging Masood cross the finish line. Later on, after some encouragement from Stacey, Shabnam finally gives in to her feelings for Kush and the pair share a passionate kiss. 


Upset by the news that her mother won’t be attending her wedding, Jane makes an unwise decision whilst bridal dress shopping. Ian is left surprised when he spots Jane wearing the unflattering outfit and she storms out. Thankfully, Jane ends up having second thoughts about her dress and ditches the ill-advised wedding outfit for something a bit more glamorous

Mick and Linda become increasingly frustrated when a visit from the police reveals they have to wait six weeks before knowing if Dean will be charged. Mick decides to take matters into his own hands and just as the customers start to return to Blades, Mick arrives asking to have a word with Dean. But by the end of the week, the Carters grow concerned when a raging Mick has gone missing, along with Linda’s rapist…

Finally, after Lauren hides Emma’s case file on Lucy, she Lauren notices a piece of paper stuck to her shoe. As she goes to throw it away, she realises it’s a missing piece of paper from Summerhayes’s notes. Lauren is shocked to the core when she realises what the paper means.


You can watch the 60-second rundown of all the drama on next week’s EastEnders below: