EastEnders spoilers: Stan is left shocked when Mick brings Sylvie to the Vic for Christmas Day

But will a disoriented Sylvie end up blowing Shirley's big secret?

Mick Carter (Danny Dyer) is to leave the rest of his family feeling incredibly agitated this Christmas Day when he brings Sylvie (Linda Marlowe) to the Vic on 25 December.


From the look on Stan’s (Timothy West) face, it’s plain to see that he wasn’t expecting his estranged wife to be sat around the meal table. And Sylvie – who is suffering with Alzheimer’s disease – doesn’t appear to be comfortable with joining the Carter clan either. With Sylvie becoming increasingly unpredictable, is Shirley’s secret about being Mick’s real mum about to be blown?

“All hell breaks loose in different directions,” reveals actress Linda Marlowe, who plays Sylvie. “One minute Sylvie is very vulnerable and frightened. And the next she’s saying the most vile things possible. She’s a loose cannon.”

With the stage now set for a dramatic festive season, Marlowe adds: “There are so many things that come out at Christmas. It’s a complete minefield. There are lots of conflicting things happening on Christmas Day. And it’s not just what I’ve caused. It’s what other people have caused too.

“It’s like one thing after the other. And Sylvie is in the middle not knowing what’s going on half the time!”


You can watch the EastEnders Christmas trailer below. And beneath that, there’s a 60-second rundown of both Christmas and New Year on the BBC1 soap