EastEnders spoilers: Dean can’t get away with raping Linda, says Danny Dyer

"Matt Di Angelo has done a great job. Stretching it out for three months has been tough, but he's played it the right way," adds the actor

EastEnders star Danny Dyer has been talking about the high level of anticipation surrounding this year’s Christmas episodes, which will see Queen Vic landlord Mick Carter discover that his partner Linda (Kellie Bright) was raped by Dean Wicks (Matt Di Angelo).


Speaking about how he thinks fans of the show will respond, Dyer said: “They’re dying for it to come out, because what Dean has done is horrific, and he can’t get away with it. He’s got away with it for too long. How dare he go into that pub knowing what he’s done? I think Matt Di Angelo has done a great job. Stretching it out for three months has been tough, but he’s played it the right way.”

Ever since she was raped back in October, Linda has kept her ordeal a secret from Mick, but in the run-up to 2014’s festive episodes, Dean’s girlfriend Stacey (Lacey Turner) will discover the truth, setting the stage for a showdown at the Queen Vic. In a new interview with Inside Soap, Dyer added: “I knew that was when Mick would find out about Dean and Linda. It’s a lot to take on board, but the way Mick reacts is so believable and well-written. I think any human being would react in the same way.”

The actor’s words follow comments he made to Radio Times earlier in the week concerning the fall-out from Mick discovering the truth. Said Dyer:

“The audience will know that the bomb is going to go off – but they’ll be asking themselves: ‘How big is that bomb going to be?’ And let me tell you, it’s nuclear.

“I’ll put the question out there: how would you react if someone you loved was raped in your home by a person you’d been looking in the eye for the past three months? Whether you’re a violent man or avoid violence at all costs, you are going to go insane. And I take insanity to a new level. Justice is served. Beautifully. And I get to show every bit of range I’ve got as an actor.”


You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s drama on EastEnders below: