EastEnders spoilers: first images of the Carters on Christmas Day are released

Mick and Linda are celebrating - but the happy atmosphere isn't going to last

The BBC has released its first images showing the drama in this year’s Christmas Day episode of EastEnders. It looks like the Carters are all smiles at the beginning of the day as they celebrate their first festive season together in the Vic.


However, with secrets rife – for instace, the fact that Linda is keeping her recent rape by Dean a secret from husband Mick – the day takes a turn and the Carters are set to explode.

As Danny Dyer recently told Radio Times: “The audience will know that the bomb is going to go off – but they’ll be asking themselves: ‘How big is that bomb going to be?’ And let me tell you, it’s nuclear.

 “I’ll put the question out there: how would you react if someone you loved was raped in your home by a person you’d been looking in the eye for the past three months? Whether you’re a violent man or avoid violence at all costs, you are going to go insane. And I take insanity to a new level. Justice is served. Beautifully. And I get to show every bit of range I’ve got as an actor.”

EastEnders airs at 9pm on BBC1, Christmas Day. 


You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of EastEnders below: