Denise should never have been with Ian, says EastEnders star Diane Parish

But the actress is certainly keen for Denise to have another fling with Fatboy!

EastEnders actress Diane Parish has revealed that she didn’t agree with her character Denise Fox being in a relationship with Ian Beale.


“I don’t think that Denise should have been with Ian,” says the actress. “She could do a lot better, without a shadow of a doubt. It felt like she served practical, menial purposes for him and not a lot else. Denise would have been one of the original 1980s ravers. She’d have been dancing barefoot in fields. So resigning herself to a relationship with Ian just isn’t her personality. So, hopefully, Denise will be able to rise from the ashes now that she’s split up with him.”

The pair’s relationship came to an abrupt end earlier this year after Denise found out about Ian sleeping with prostitute Rainie Cross.

Since then, the character hasn’t been romantically linked to anyone on the Square, although Parish is keen her to have another dalliance with a certain Arthur ‘Fatboy’ Chubb.

“That was a very sexy relationship and I think it chimed with a lot of women of my age. It was sparky and spicy and I still feel there’s something there,” says Parish. “Ricky Norwood, who plays Fatboy, is an amazing person to work with. I never saw it coming and I would have never predicted it on paper – but sometimes the unexpected works. It’s one of the most enjoyable aspects to Denise’s romantic side that I’ve played.”


You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s drama on EastEnders below: