EastEnders spoilers: “the fire will be life changing for Kat,” says Shane Richie on Alfie arson plot

The actor reveals that the aftermath of the blaze will be "heartbreaking" for Jessie Wallace's character

Actor Shane Richie has been talking about the repercussions of the current EastEnders storyline that has seen his character Alfie Moon set fire to the family home in order to claim on the contents insurance.


“Without giving too much away, it really is life changing for Jessie’s character. And for her to play the storyline we’ve got coming up after this event is brilliant for an actress,” Richie said on today’s edition of This Morning.

Alfie’s partner Kat (Jessie Wallace) will tonight be revealed as still being inside the burning building. The shock turn of events leads to Alfie staging a daring rescue attempt, but the aftermath of the blaze looks set to test the pair’s relationship even further.

“It’ll be such a departure from the Kat we know now – the tart with the heart and the heavy make-up. She will become the complete opposite to that and it’s heartbreaking. What happens leads up to Christmas and, of course, the 30th anniversary in February next year.”


Richie’s comments come following an interview he gave last week where he pondered how fans would react if Alfie ended up being responsible for Kat’s demise: “If anything ever happened to Kat, I don’t know how Alfie could go on. I don’t know how the country would feel if Alfie was responsible for Kat’s death! But leading up to the fire, he just thinks he’s doing the right thing. He does bad things but for the right reasons.”