Andrew Davies on EastEnders: “Mick Carter is a boring dad and his wife is a pain in the…”

The House of Cards screenwriter doesn't think much of the BBC1 soap's pub landlords - and neither does Lord Alan Sugar...

Love him or hate him, Danny Dyer has certainly got people talking about EastEnders. The outspoken actor joined the cast of the soap last Christmas as Mick Carter alongside Kellie Bright as his partner Linda. But one long-term viewer is less than happy about the new additions…


Andrew Davies – the screenwriter behind House of Cards and Pride and Prejudice – tells he’s none too impressed by recent events in Walford. “EastEnders is my soap but I’ve really gone off it lately. I’m just not gripped by any of the current stories.”

And as for Dyer, Bright and their on-screen children Danny-Boy Hatchard, Maddy Hill and Sam Strike, Davies just isn’t convinced. “He’s boring. He’s just a boring dad. His kids aren’t very interesting and his wife is a pain in the arse.” 

The comments from the acclaimed screenwriter, 77, follow those made by Lord Alan Sugar on Twitter during Thursday night’s broadcast which saw Mick and Linda reveal they weren’t really man and wife while their son, Lee, admitted he’d done something stupid in connection with Lucy Beale’s murder. 

His views were rebutted by Dyer who wasted no time putting him in his place…

Although Sugar had to have the last word: 


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