New EastEnders trailer: Sharon is attacked, Ian panics and Shirley tells Phil she loves him

The new promo teases a dramatic week in Walford

The BBC has released a new promo that previews next week’s dramatic action on the Square. In the ad, Sharon is seen coming under attack at the Albert, Ian panics about his whereabouts on the night of Lucy’s murder, while Shirley confesses to Phil that she’s in love with him.


And then there’s the shot of Sharon in the aftermath of her assault – a moment that will leave fans wondering whether she’ll pull through. When asked recently about whether Sharon could die as a result of the attack, actress Letitia Dean answered: “Yes. She’s lifeless on the floor when Johnny finds her. He calls the ambulance and Nancy and Mick come over. She gets rushed in to hospital and it’s very serious.”


EastEnders continues on Monday 16 June at 7pm on BBC1.