EastEnders extra scene: Jake Stone is interviewed by the police – watch the new footage

See Detectives Holt and Summerhayes interrogate their suspect

Shock scenes in tonight’s episode of EastEnders saw sous-chef Jake Stone (Jamie Lomas) arrested for the murder of Lucy Beale. But have Detectives Holt and Summerhayes really got the right man?


In this new additional scene, you can see the police interview in which Jake is quizzed about new-found evidence discovered in his flat – namely an earring belonging to Lucy and a sample of her blood on the skirting board in the kitchen. An increasingly anxious Jake continues to protest his innocence, but the police don’t seem convinced.

Can the big EastEnders whodunnit really over so quickly? Find out the repercussions of Jake’s arrest on the residents of Albert Square in tomorrow’s episode of EastEnders at 7.30pm on BBC1.