EastEnders spoilers: Peter to break down following internet troll abuse – first look pictures

A grieving Peter to be left a broken wreck after Lucy's social media pages are targeted

The Beale family is to experience fresh distress next week after Lola (Danielle Harold) finds some nasty comments about Lucy on her social networking site. When Peter (Ben Hardy) overhears, she is forced to read him the troll messages and Peter is left a broken wreck. To lift his spirits, Lola arranges to get the gang together to remember Lucy, but will her efforts be enough to stop Peter from falling apart?


Meanwhile, the police investigating Lucy’s death turn up at Ian’s house with some urgent news. They inform him that Lucy’s mugging was staged and that they’re now treating the case as murder. What’s more, there’s a likelihood that she knew her killer.

Unfortunately, ths information has leaked and it’s all over the news, causing intrigue around the Square. But the police have another lead – they believe Lucy was having secret trysts with someone and that this person could well be her murderer. A horrified Ian decides to interrogate the Walford residents, starting off with David Wicks.

After being accused of being Lucy’s mystery man, David starts to suspect Max after his odd behaviour causes concern. To find out how Max responds, you can read an interview with Jake Wood here