EastEnders: Danny Dyer learns to pull pints – behind-the-scenes pictures

The incoming Carter clan get to grips with bar work before their Christmas debut

Danny Dyer and his new EastEnders family have been ensuring that they’re up to scratch when it comes to pulling pints before taking over at the Queen Vic this Christmas.


Dyer, who will play landlord Mick Carter, was joined by screen wife Kellie Bright (Linda) and children Maddy Hill (Nancy) and Sam Strike (Johnny) for some work experience in a real East End pub.

So how is Dyer going to ensure that life behind the bar at the Vic looks as authentic as possible?


“You’ve got to keep yourself looking busy,” says the 36-year-old actor. “It’s like anything – you’ve got to make sure that it looks like you live and work there. It’s a little stage and it’s an honour because the pub is the hub of the show. I have to say, though, that the Queen Vic set is a lot smaller than you’d think. It looks massive on the telly, but when we pass each other it’s quite tight.”