EastEnders spoilers: Bianca has a Christmas food fight with Terry’s ex-wife Nikki – first look pics

Tensions run high as Bianca takes on the rival for her boyfriend's affections

Christmas dinner is to descend into chaos in the Butcher/Spraggan household this year when a food fight breaks out.


Tensions are set to run high when Terry’s ex-wife Nikki (Rachel Wilde) shows up looking all glam while Bianca (Patsy Palmer) stresses in the kitchen. And to make matters worse, Nikki is soon dripping poison in Bianca’s ear when she discloses that Terry still has feelings for her.

Pretty soon, what should be a jolly family occasion has become a battleground after Nikki accidentally spills gravy on her host. But how will Bianca feel after the turkey ends up being launched across the dinner table?


Let’s just say that Terry and his family might not be feeling so welcome at No 31 Albert Square by the end of Christmas Day…