EastEnders spoilers: David secretly records Janine confessing to murder – first look pictures

But what will he do with the evidence of her guilt?

Janine Butcher (Charlie Brooks) is to confess to David Wicks (Michael French) that she murdered Michael Moon – but unbeknownst to her, manipulative David has recorded her damning declaration on his mobile phone.


In scenes to be shown on Friday 20 December, David will persuade Janine to visit his mum’s grave with him and tells her that Pat would be proud of the woman she’s become.

But when David reveals that he’s leaving Walford for good, Janine becomes frantic and tells him that she needs him to stay. Feeling overwhelmed with the thought that she’s managed to destroy everything around her, Janine finally breaks and reveals that she killed her husband, little knowing that David now has proof of her guilt.

“Janine’s in a very vulnerable state following Michael’s death and all her warning bells are switched off,” says actress Charlie Brooks. “Plus it’s Christmas, a time of year when people are much more sentimental. David’s about to leave and Janine is desperate to keep him there and hold onto him. She blurts out her confession in a moment of desperation, but she trusts him and doesn’t think he would ever betray her.”


But the big question remains: what will David do with the incendiary evidence that he now has in his possession?