EastEnders spoilers: Michael plots for Alice to kill Janine – first look pictures

But will Michael's blinkered admirer do the deed?

Menacing Michael Moon (Steve John Shepherd) is to get Alice (Jasmyn Banks) to do his dirty work for him when he conspires to get rid of Janine (Charlie Brooks).


Having been locked in a bitter custody battle for baby Scarlett these past few months, Michael will reach the decision that the only way to win the war is to drug Janine.

But not wanting Michael to be caught breaking his injunction, a besotted Alice tells Michael that she is willing to slip the pills to Janine herself, although she is unaware that what he’s supplied is a lethal dose. Michael gives his admirer strict instructions and Alice promises not to let Michael down – but will she be able to go through with the dastardly plan?


Find out when the episodes air on Thursday 24 and Friday 25 October.