EastEnders spoilers: Joey punches Michael for sleeping with Alice – first look pictures

An upcoming episode sees Joey lose his temper following Michael's confession

Michael Moon (Steve John Shepherd) is to once again feel the full force of Joey Branning’s (David Witts) wrath – but this time has he deliberately set himself up for a fall?


The confrontation comes after Michael sleeps with Joey’s sister Alice (Jasmyn Banks) only to cruelly tell her the next day that he was just using her for sex. Kat (Jessie Wallace) later comforts an upset Alice, who accidentally reveals that it was Michael she slept with.

Disgusted, Kat confronts Michael about his treatment of Alice. Knowing that he shouldn’t have done it, Michael purposefully tells Joey what has happened, wanting a reaction. Joey is furious and proceeds to punch Michael to the floor, telling him to stay away from his sister.


The scenes air on Friday 14 June.