EastEnders spoilers: Michael Moon gets passionate with Alice Branning

After Janine leaves town with Scarlett, a frantic Michael finds Alice waiting to pick up the pieces

In the wake of Janine scarpering once again, this time with baby Scarlett in tow, Michael Moon is to find solace in the arms of a smitten Alice Branning in an upcoming episode.


In scenes to be shown on Tuesday 11 June, Alice (Jasmyn Banks) will discover Janine and Scarlett’s passports and seeks out a frantic Michael (Steve John Shepherd) to let him know that his daughter must still be in the country.

But when she goes to comfort Michael after finding him drowning his sorrows in the Vic, he rejects her. Yet later, back at the house, Alice tells Michael that she knows he lashed out because there’s nothing left for him to control.


Suddenly deciding to take control of the situation, Michael kisses Alice before leading her upstairs…