EastEnders spoilers: Michael Moon kisses Alice Branning – first look pictures

Alice's desperation to impress Michael will result in an uncharacteristic show of affection

Alice Branning (Jasmyn Banks) is to grow increasingly determined to impress Michael Moon (Steve John Shepherd) and will come up with a risky scheme in a forthcoming episode that she hopes will impress him.


With Michael worried about the care being offered to baby Scarlett by an expensive nanny who’s been hired by Janine (Charlie Brooks), Alice seizes an opportunity to discredit her abilities.

While the nanny is in the Square’s gardens talking distractedly on her phone, Alice takes Scarlett and rushes back to Janine’s, claiming that she found her unattended. After the nanny is fired, Alice persuades Janine to hire her so she can get close to Scarlett.

Michael is delighted that his manipulation of Alice has succeeded and repays her with a tender kiss. But just how far will he go to get Scarlett back?


The scenes will air on Monday 13 May.