EastEnders spoilers: Lauren Branning kisses Tyler Moon – first look pictures

A drunken night in the Vic has unexpected consequences in next week's episodes

Troubled Lauren Branning (Jacqueline Jossa) is to cause ructions next week when she makes a pass at an unsuspecting Tyler Moon (Tony Discipline).


The kiss comes during an evening at the Queen Vic, where Whitney (Shona McGarty) has gathered a group of friends together to celebrate the fact that Lauren has landed a waitressing job at Ian Beale’s new restaurant.

But when Lucy (Hetti Bywater) purposefully flirts with Joey (David Witts) in order to wind Lauren up, it soon becomes clear that the night at the pub isn’t going to go as planned. Having had enough, Lauren decides to sit alone at the bar, but Whitney encourages Tyler to go and speak to her.

Tyler then does his best to make Lauren rejoin them and even points out that he doesn’t think Joey is even interested in Lucy and that Lauren should fight for him. However, just as Tyler thinks he’s getting through to Lauren, Joey walks towards them and Lauren grabs Tyler and kisses him.


Witnessing this, Whitney storms over demanding to know what’s going on. Tyler tries to get a drunken Lauren to admit the truth, but will she do the right thing and confess her intentions? Find out in the episode airing on Thursday 9 May.