EastEnders spoilers: Sharon falls unconscious following painkiller abuse – preview pictures

Lola is set to discover Sharon passed out on the bathroom floor. But will she tell Phil?

Lola Pearce is to find Sharon Rickman unconscious on her bathroom floor in next week’s episodes after her addiction to painkillers worsens.


The scene comes after Sharon (Letitia Dean) is seen stealing pills from Tanya’s bin and procuring a fresh supply of the painkillers she craves from the bouncer at R&R.

But the situation intensifies when Sharon gets a wave of nausea from the concoction of medication and alcohol in her system. Fleeing Billy’s birthday party at the Vic, Sharon goes back to Phil’s with Lexi in tow only to pass out upstairs.

It’s only when Lola (Danielle Harold) arrives to give Lexi a goodnight kiss that she makes the worrying discovery. Once she comes to, Sharon assures Lola that she isn’t addicted. But when Lola goes to throw the pills away, Sharon wrenches them back, spilling them on the floor in the process.

Desperately addicted, Sharon scrabbles around on her hands and knees, picking the pills up. Lola then makes it clear that she’s telling Phil (Steve McFadden) the truth when he gets home – she can’t have Lexi living there with her any more.  However, Sharon warns her that if she does, she will risk Lexi going back into care.


Lola is therefore left with a dilemma – should she stay quiet or tell Phil about Sharon’s dark secret?