EastEnders spoilers: Janine argues with Kat – first look pictures

Plus Michael is left in little doubt as to the reason why his wife has returned

The BBC has released new pictures showing what viewers can expect when Janine (Charlie Brooks) arrives back in Albert Square in the coming weeks.


After turning up unannounced, Janine will be seen storming back into her house where she spies Kat (Jessie Wallace) and a dinner table set for two. Janine then immediately jumps to the wrong conclusion about what Michael (Steve John Shepherd) has been up to, all of which leads to a bitchy exchange of words between her and Kat:

“You think being a mother is a part-time job?” asks Kat, chastising Janine for being absent these past months.

“I don’t know, Kat. You tell me. I seem to remember you having a break. But then you thought he was dead,” replies Janine with her usual venom.

After putting Janine in her place, Kat departs and leaves Michael in the company of his unwelcome visitor. But Janine is soon making plain the reason for her return: “I didn’t come back for you Michael. I came back for Scarlett. She’s my little girl and I intend to take her.”


Charlie Brooks returns to EastEnders on Thursday 18 April.