EastEnders spoilers: drunken Patrick injures Denise – picture preview

A confrontation next week at the B&B results Denise falling and cutting her face

Patrick Trueman’s recovery from his recent fall is set to suffer a setback next week when he gets drunk and lashes out at Denise (Diane Parish). 


Patrick will be seen becoming increasingly disgruntled after Denise books a carer to aid his rehabilitation. Little does he realise though that Denise has reluctantly asked for help only so she can accompany Lucy to an appointment at the hospital. 

The major showdown though will come at the week’s end when Patrick is told that Kim will be looking after him while Denise opts to attend Ian Beale’s birthday bash at the Vic. But after Kim drops in at the pub to summon her sister home, the two women make their way back to the B&B, only to find Patrick drunk in the kitchen. 

“What’s a man supposed to do when he’s left all on his own?” Patrick slurs, before batting away Denise’s attempts to make him see sense. In the process, Denise is sent crashing to the floor, cutting her face in the process. 

“Patrick’s feeling miserable at the moment,” actor Rudolph Walker recently admitted to Inside Soap. “He suddenly realises that he’s of a certain age and starts to worry about who’s going to look after him. It’s a horrible situation to be in.”


EastEnders will air these scenes on Friday 1 March at 8pm on BBC1.