EastEnders: the best car crashes

With Joey and Lauren heading for disaster this evening, we honour those Walford residents who've previously driven us to distraction

As Lauren and Joey join the long line of Walford residents who’ve pranged, smashed up or set fire to their vehicles, we give you the very best (and one of the very worst) EastEnders car crashes. 


Grant and Phil Mitchell go for a dip 

Who could forget this one? Grant tells Phil that he slept with Kathy, Phil goes berserk with a handgun, hijacks the car they’re driving and sends it plunging at high speed into the Thames.

Steve Owen’s exit

Steve Owen, as he attempts to flee with Phil’s daughter Louise, crashes into a barrel of petrol and a wall. A fire begins and Steve passes Louise to Phil through the car window. Unfortunately, he isn’t able to engineer his own escape before the vehicle explodes.

Ian, the van and the skip 

A classic calamity from 1990 here as Ian Beale, upon learning from Cindy that he isn’t Stephen’s father, drives his van straight at a skip.

Max and Abi Branning fail to get to the church on time 

Just 20 months ago, two other members of the Branning family were involved in a collision: here are Max and Abi getting dramatically delayed on the way to Tanya’s wedding.


Phil and Ian’s male bonding weekend goes awry

What a way for the Mitchells and Beales to sort out their long-running feud! Swerve to avoid a tree and flip a 4×4. The trouble was that Ian and Phil couldn’t even put their differences to one side after the disaster had taken place, leaving the car to roll down an incline… 

And finally, one of the worst…Zoe’s fruit-and-veg shunt

Zoe drives Charlie’s black cab into Mark’s market stall. Ooh, we can hardly stand the tension!