Soap pick of the day: EastEnders – Christian and Syed’s last episode

Are we in for a happy ending for the troubled Walford pair?

Yes, “Chryed” fans, it really is the moment you’ve been dreading: Christian and Syed are set to leave Albert Square this evening. But will they be reconciled or are they going to depart apart?


Well, if Lucy and Zainab have anything to do with it, then there’s a reunion on the cards. Their plan involves locking Christian and Syed in the Argee Bhajee in order to force them to talk through their issues.

At first Christian throws Syed’s betrayal in his face: “You married me on a lie,” he yells. But Syed soon tires of the arguing – “I don’t want to fight anymore,” he pleads.


But this being EastEnders, a happy ending is never assured. Find out what happens at 7.30pm on BBC1 and then come back to at 8pm for a full review of the episode.