Soap pick of the day: EastEnders – Derek’s relationship secrets revealed

An old flame humiliates the elder Branning brother after Max engineers a reunion

Max gets on the wrong side of Derek after tracking down his brother’s supposed first love Jackie Bosch and staging a reunion. 


The only trouble is that Jackie’s recollection of the past isn’t as romantic as Derek and after she recalls Del’s bad breath and wandering hands, the elder Branning brother makes a swift exit. 

Max ends up with a warning from Derek that if he crosses him again, he won’t be keeping quiet about his dirty little secret. 

Things are no less fraught for Syed and Christian, who reach crisis point following Yasmin’s departure. After Christian makes arrangements to leave Walford, Syed angrily throws his belongings out into the Square, telling him that it would be best for everyone if he moved to America. 


EastEnders is on BBC1 at 7.30pm