EastEnders: Syed and Christian’s wedding week – spoiler pics and preview

See shots of Marc Elliott and John Partridge suited and booted. And what to make of Fatboy and Denise! See the photographic evidence...

Next week sees the wedding of Syed and Christian, but will they be putting the ‘hitch’ into ‘hitched’?


After all, Syed’s debts are mounting and banker Danny is looming large. Oh, and Fatboy seems to have taken a shine to Denise.

If you want to find out more, read on…

The joint stag night starts well, with Christian enjoying himself in an “Annie Get Your Gay” T-shirt designed by Roxy, while AJ comes up with a pirate theme for Syed’s party. But Massood is not happy to see Danny in attendance at the Vic. “Close friends and family,” he orders, although his rules fall on deaf ears.

“He’s a Muscle Mary old enough to be your dad,” says Danny about Christian, earning himself a punch in the face from Syed for his troubles.

And the prize for the people having the best time at the party goes to Fatboy and Denise!

All of which leads to this.

Meanwhile, Syed is determined to get wed to Christian, despite his father’s vocal reservations. Says the groom: “I love Christian, I am marrying him and nothing you can do can stop me.” 

Oblivious to all the family ructions, Zainab tells Christian how much she approves of this union: “In my eyes, it’s marriage. You get married with my blessing.” Both are left on the verge of tears at this unexpected turnaround in the relationship between potential son-in-law and mother-in-law.

Of course, all is not plain sailing and after Christian discovers that Sayed has shared a kiss with Danny, he gives his partner an ultimatum: “Marry me because you love me or not at all.”

Finally, though, it looks as though there are smiles all round as the pair head down the aisle to the strains of Stand By Me.

All seems well…that is until the bailiffs turn up as some very uninvited guests.


So will the service reach a happy conclusion? Or are Syed and Christian set for more heartache? Catch all the action from Monday 15 October on BBC1