Kate propositions Robert on Coronation Street – Faye Brookes reveals all

"Kate has become blinded by this baby idea," says the Corrie star

Kate propositions Robert on Coronation Street

Kate and Rana are making baby plans on Coronation Street next week when they visit the IVF clinic as Johnny offers to cover the costs. But when a wary Rana reveals that she doesn’t want a stranger to be the father of their child, Kate is forced to look closer to home – and ends up propositioning Robert! Here, actress Faye Brookes reveals how Robert reacts to the sudden request and why Kate is so desperate to have a child:


Kate’s desperate for a family with Rana – so how does Kate feel when she finds out how much IVF is going to cost?
Kate is desperate for a baby and when she mentions it to her Dad you can see how she’s trying to fill that void since her brother’s death. Kate misses that family unit and if anything, this baby could be something that she takes care of and protects. Her Dad then has a conversation with Rita that ignites something in him and there’s a possibility he will be able to fund it. So, all is not lost but it’s still a lot of money.

How urgent is she to be a Mum?
Kate’s ready – she’s told Rana that she’ll be the one to carry the baby. I don’t think anything fazes Kate right now. She’ll just ask for it, beg, borrow and steal for it. That’s how much she wants it.


When Rana admits that she isn’t comfortable with a stranger fathering their child, how does Kate react?
It just puts a spanner in the works for Kate. She’sreally determined. If it can’t be a stranger, she thinks that they’ll have to search elsewhere – and maybe it doesn’t have to be far from home.

Tell us about the bombshell news Kate then drops…
Kate has so many options spinning around her head and, while at work, she starts thinking that adoption could be another option. So Kate storms into the medical centre and drops this bombshell on Rana that they’ll adopt. Everything Kate says is all to do with babies. Kate’s gone crazy over this baby idea because she feels the need to fill the void.


Later, she gets drunk and makes a proposition to Robert. What exactly happens?
Robert lets his guard down with Kate and he confides in her that he’s always wanted to be a Dad. That’s when the penny drops for Kate and she thinks Robert could be the answer to everything. So, with some dutch courage, she asks Robert to father her and Rana’s child.

What do you think Rana will say when she finds out about Kate has done?
It won’t be good, but Kate doesn’t want to tell Rana anything. She wants to figure it all out until it’s a perfect plan. Everything is going to be sorted out with a contract drawn up, Robert signing that contract, knowing that everyone is going to be happy. Kate wants this perfect plan and then she’ll be happy, but who knows if that’s going to happen?

When Robert tells Kate that her idea is crazy and sends her packing, how far do you think Kate will go to get what she wants?
Kate will go the whole way with no turning back. Throughout this whole process she’s seeing something that is going to make her happy and I don’t think she realises that Rana is what will make her happy. She becomes blinded by this baby idea and this infatuation with filling that void and that is everything to her. Kate will stop at no costs.


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