Leanne crash horror brings Nick back to Coronation Street – here’s what happens next

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Leanne Battersby’s brush with death on tonight’s Coronation Street has brought Nick Tilsley back to Weatherfield after it transpired that he was still listed as her emergency contact.


As fans saw in Friday’s double bill, Leanne was an unexpected casualty of the Connors’ car crash, when she turned up at the scene of the drama, only to be reversed over by gangster Ronan, who was making an attempt to flee.

In the immediate aftermath of the collision, it appeared as though Leanne would lose her life. But after being rushed to hospital, it was revealed doctors had managed to repair a defect to her heart caused by an aortic transection and that she was now in recovery.

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But Toyah was left flabbergasted when she asked a nurse if she could see her sister, only to be told that someone was already by her bedside. “What the hell are you doing here?” Toyah asked, when the visitor was revealed to be Nick.

After Nick stated that he’d been called by the emergency services following the crash, Toyah told him that Leanne wouldn’t want him to still be around when she woke up, to which Nick replied: “I’m not going anywhere.”

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As viewers will recall Nick left Leanne in the lurch when he made the sudden decision to leave Weatherfield in May 2017 to start a new life elsewhere.

New details as to what Nick has been up to his year’s absence will be revealed next week, though fans can expect to see the returnee under fire as Toyah continues to give him short shrift, while David is angry with his brother for not being around when he needed him.

But how will Leanne react when Nick tells her how sorry he is and that he really wants to make it up to her? Will she agree to take him back or decide to send him packing?


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